Conditions for awarding the scholarship

A full scholarship to this effect is devoted annually and only to trainees, whose parents/tutors live outside the urban area of the city where their educational institutes are situated. This full scholarship is paid in three instalments: October, February and May.

With regard to trainees living in the location of their educational institutes, they shall receive a half scholarship, the amount of which is also paid in three instalments.

It should be noted that in addition to this system, OFPPT trainees necessarily benefit from the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) scheme.


Scholarship Amounts

  • 1rst instalment : 1900.2 dhs
  • 2nd instalment : 1900.2 dhs
  • 3rd instalment : 2533.6 dhs

Annual Amount : 6334 dhs

  • 1rst instalment : 950.1 dhs
  • 2nd instalment : 950.1 dhs
  • 3rd instalment : 1266.8 dhs

Annual Amount : 3167 dhs