With decades of experience, OFPPT is the ideal partner you need to improve your recruitment process.

Thanks to our unique field experience, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the different trades and our advanced evaluation methods, we select the best profiles that speaks directly to your needs.

The OFPPT provides you with recruitment assistance with the aim to help you optimize your human resources management, through the assessment of the potential and capacities of the candidates to be recruited.

Our recruitment consulting process begins as soon as we receive your request, and consists of:

  • The study of the tasks and missions of the position to be filled;
  • The clear definition of the profiles of the sought position.

Based on this investigation, our counsellors adopt the appropriate approach and tools in order to conduct the psychotechnical assessment.

The psychotechnical assessment provides a global and precise assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a profile. It is based on an analysis of the candidates' intellectual potential (mental, affective and psychotechnical skills), supplemented by a detailed and in-depth analysis of the personality, professional interests and motivation of the candidate.

These different methods make it possible to draw up a clear list, detailing the characteristics of each candidate, their strengths and weaknesses, according to the competency profile and success criteria defined in advance by your company.